Summer 2019
As the date draws nearer and I contemplate the realisation that I am moving away from home for potentially the last time, I am engulfed in excitement, agitation and uneasiness. A leap into the unknown; a new chapter within which it is impossible to recognise a definitive outcome. Home has always been a safe haven, a place of comfort and contentment, however the last year it has very much felt like a temporary residence; restrictive, challenging, as if life was on pause.

I am reminded of walking through the New Forest and witnessing the precise moment a vast fir tree, standing undisturbed for centuries, fell violently to the ground. It invaded the silence that uttered from every other direction with a sound so overwhelming that translating it into words would not be of justice. I think about how everything is different now, and how parts of it and all of that around it would come to adapt, as it lay in a completely new environment. At this present moment I am reminded of the transience of home.

The two images are a direct response to this feeling; a melancholic happiness amongst the all embracing continuation of time, the certainty of leaping into the uncertainty.